About this site

This site is maintained in WordPress, using the Twenty twelve theme, background from Eos Development. Icons for services – Twitter, Flickr, etc, are from the set of 65 social icons by StudioM6. The Zotero icon is modified from one of Zotero’s own.

The WordPress Codex contains instructions for creating a site with a static front page and separate blog page.

Widgets and plugins:

  • Colourful Tag Cloud widget
  • Default Pages widget, with sub-pages excluded from the list by ID (on the dashboard, hover the cursor over the hyperlink for a page, post or category to see the ID in the status bar; several functions rely upon identification by ID)
  • Default Categories widget, with the drop down setting enabled, and the menu styled with CSS
  • Lifestream was constructed using the Lifestream plugin
  • Embedded blog posts on the first page and elsewhere on the site were added using the Recent Embed Posts plugin
  • Cross references within the site are wrangled using the Cross-References plugin.
  • In later posts, book details are added using the OpenBook plugin.
  • And bibliographies are pulled in from my Zotero account via the Zotpress plugin

If you have any questions about how I did something, please email me.