To date, I have written nine novels and cowritten one. The published novels are SF novels Legacies (1995), Blueheart (1996), Cavalcade (1998), Throne Price (cowritten, 2001), and fantasies Darkborn (2009), Lightborn (2010), and Shadowborn (2011). Breakpoint: Nereis (2014) and Contagion: Eyre (2015) are forthcoming. Each of the novels has its own page, but brief entries, in reverse order, follow.

Breakpoint: Nereis

Cover of Breakpoint:Nereis The first of the Plague Confederacy series, following the medical recontact vessel Waiora on its mission to track the plague that collapsed their star-faring civilization [More about Breakpoint: Nereis].


The conclusion (for now) of the trilogy formed by Darkborn and Lightborn, first published June 2011, trade paperback May 2012. With the Shadowborn on the march, it is a time for impossible meetings, desperate alliances, and fatal choices. Ishmael di Studier fights for his life, Balthasar for his freedom, and Telmaine to save the people she loves. Tammorn becomes reluctant emissary to the enemy, and Fejelis and Floria brave their dangerous Court to help the Darkborn [more about Shadowborn].


Lightborn cover, width 200px The sequel to Darkborn, first published June 2010, trade paperback June 2011. As Balthasar Hearne and Ishmael di Studier travel towards the Shadowlands and possible invasion, lady and mage Telmaine Hearne returns to Minhorne as reluctant protector of Lord Vladimer Plantageter and his brother, the archduke. The social disgrace she fears proves to be her least danger, and her allies no less deadly than her enemies. On the other side of sunrise, the Lightborn palace vigilant and assassin Floria White Hand must flee suspicion of murder, and an inexperienced young prince and a renegade mage find themselves at the nexus of plots by Lightborn, Darkborn and Shadowborn. [more about Lightborn]


Darkborn cover, width 200pxTrade paperback published May 2009; mass market paperback June 2010. Eight hundred years ago a mage’s curse divided Darkborn and Lightborn, condemning the Darkborn to a life of perpetual darkness and the Lightborn to a life of endless light. As far as the busy inhabitants of the city of Minhorne are concerned, both Darkborn and Lightborn, that is all ancient history. Then just before sunset one night, Darkborn physician Balthasar Hearne opens his door to a lady in distress and a whole lot of trouble. [more about Darkborn]

Throne Price

Written with Lynda Williams. Amel Dem’Vrel, Gelion’s notorious “Courtesan Prince”, has curated the balance of powers on Gelion for over seventeen years, ever since he negotiated an agreement between the rival claimants for the throne, Ameron and Ev’rel. But even he can no longer negotiate the contesting ambitions focusing on the throne and on possession of the neighboring territories of Rire. When Reetion-raised Erien arrives on Rire to support his foster-father, the Reetion ambassador, his actions catalyze the collapse of the precarious accord, leading to a series of confrontations that decide the fate of individuals, space-fleets and planets. [more about Throne Price]


Nominated for the Arthur C Clarke Award, 1999. Humans have answered the aliens’ simple invitation and taken to the stars: scientists, artists, poets, and soldiers; visionaries, schemers, criminals, and runaways; a self-selected tribe of voyagers on a one-way journey to no known destination. They have left behind the shelter of earth to enter an enigmatic and unforgiving environment, but for all the dangers of space, the greatest danger they encounter is themselves. [more about Cavalcade]


Of all colonies settled by space traveling humanity, Blueheart is unique, the only planet where which does not need to be terraformed for humans to live in it. Provided they are willing to take to the seas; provided they are willing to modify themselves. Adaptive scientist and administrator, Rache Schole Bluheart, finds himself the inadvertent inheritor of a revolution planned by a woman who disappeared in the seas twenty years ago, and matched against a powerful enemy. [more about Blueheart]


For five generations, the Burdanian exiles have hidden from their memory of their devastated planet. Now, a small group has ventured to return. What they find when they reach Burdania gives them greater hope, and demands greater courage, than they could possibly imagine. [more about Legacies].